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“AHFOMAD”, African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance, is a festival featuring arts, music, and dance, cultural to contemporary, from the African Canadian perspective with performers from the local, national and international arts and culture market from Africa, the Americas and all of African diaspora. AHFOMAD is a non-profit festival organized by the African Heritage Music and Dance Society (AHMDS), an incorporated not for profit organization in British Columbia, Canada.


Our Mandate is to create a sustainable festival event that will be a platform for BC African Canadian Artists to showcase their creations and have opportunity to develop and grow in a progressive, productive, and truly inclusive accessible arts and culture environment.


Our goal is an innovative and unique international caliber festival that will enhance and expand economic activities and cultural tourism in our region. We will achieve this with our programming and marketing formulas designed to tap into the best possible areas in our product pool.

African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance (AHFOMAD) is a BC and Greater Vancouver Festival featuring music, dance, cultural, traditional & contemporary+ arts. Join us in sharing the rich and diverse expressions of Africa from the African Canadian perspective in a positive, all inclusive, educational and vibrant festive environment. We bring and present popular and emerging local, national and international performers, as well as arts and culture - creating a unique platform to cultivate and appreciate the diversity of Africa in the Americas. View our past events here.

Upcoming Events


the 10TRIBES truth and reconciliation festival

AHFOMAD 2022 (September 3rd - 4th)


A true superstar in Africa, Fally Ipupa has been leading a rich solo career since 2006. He hails from the rich musical traditions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo that gave the world the likes of superstars Papa Wemba, Franco, TPOK Jazz Band, Kanda Bongo Man, Rochereau etc.

With 5 multi-certified albums, the Artist has risen beyond African borders, mixing traditional Congolese music(Rumba, Ndombolo) and more “urban pop” sounds. With numerous collaborations (Aya Nakamura, MHD, Booba, Wizkid, Diamond Platnumz, DJ Arafat, Alpha Blondy...), Fally Ipupa created his own sound, turned towards modernity and fully opened to the world. And there is no doubt his career is international: The Artist performed worldwide tours including US shows, Accor Hotels Arena in Paris, and stadiums all over the African Continent. Now he makes his first appearance in Vancouver brought to you by AHFOMAD Festival, September 04, 2022 at the beautiful Surrey CIvic Plaza.

Véritable super star en Afrique, Fally Ipupa mène depuis 2006 une riche carrière solo couronnée de succès. Avec 5 albums à son actif, dont Tokooos certifié disque d’or, des tournées dans le monde entier, des stades de tout le continent africain à l’AccorHotels Arena de Paris complet en passant par les USA, Fally a su transcender les genres et s’élever au-delà même des frontières africaines, mêlant habilement musiques traditionnelles congolaises (rumba, ndombolo) et sonorités plus « pop urbaine ». C’est fort de cette volonté que Fally a développé de nombreuses collaborations sur son album « Tokooos » en 2017 où se côtoient Booba, MHD, Wizkid ou encore Aya Nakamura...

the 10TRIBES truth and reconciliation festival

AHFOMAD 2022 (September 3rd - 4th)

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Much like music, art has an important place in our community. Combining both art and music together, our festival bridges two creative styles as one. Guests will be able to enjoy the incredible aesthetic and inspiring beauty displayed around the venue. To learn more about what artists and installations will be present at Ahfomad festivals, get in touch today.

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