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AHFOMAD provides an excellent and affordable platform to promote your business or organization.  There are a variety of effective ways you can make your support to AHFOMAD seen by our attendees, and we work with you to ensure you receive full exposure. We strongly encourage you to appear in our festival program, as you will be able to: 

- Reach out to an estimated attendance audience of 10,000 people who will actually read the festival program, as it will contain important information about the activities they wish to participate in.
- Receive proper exposure, as we offer you the possibility of occupying 1/6 (one sixth) of a program page. Our program is letter sized!
- Project an appealing image: we’re willing to go the extra mile for you by sending our professional photographers to your business to take some cool shots and guarantee you look sharp.
- Include a description of your business and say what you’re all about. We don’t want to just have logos on display. We want people to know who supports AHFOMAD and why. We also want everyone to know how they can benefit from what you do.
- If you’re not camera-shy, you may also appear in the video we’ll produce to acknowledge our sponsors. All you’ll have to do is say why you support AHFOMAD! 

You can benefit from this amazing advertising package for only $275. 

Contact us here to find out how to be part of it.

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