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AUGUST 25-27

AHFOMAD 2017 Poster

Ahfomad'17 was held between August 25-27, 2017 at various venues. Friday's event featured Mali's Ahmed Fofana alongside special guest Stephanie Pedraza at the Peacock Bar & Grill, Surrey. 



Ahmed Fofana Artist


multi instrumentalist, producer & conductor

Ahmed Fofana was born in Cote d'Ivoire to Malian parents. He comes from a family of griots, carrying on the tradition of a long line of musicians and poets, playing flute, balafon, kora and percussion. He has worked with the most celebrated exponents of the vibrant Malian music scene including Toumani Diabate, Amadou and Mariam, Cheick Tidiane Seck, Vieux Farka Touré and Issa Bagayogo, as well as many more on the African and International music scene. He is renowned, not only  for his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, but also as an arranger, producer and conductor. He was also involved in the creation of the "Mix up Bamako" project launched by MARSATAC.

Ahmed Fofana Artist

His work with kora player, Toumani Diabaté, was critically acclaimed, in which he composed and arranged the album "Independence Boulevard" on the World Circuit Label. He also toured with Toumani Diabaté on all his international tours until 2008. In 2005, Ahmed Fofana was awarded a UNESCO residency in Montreal, and has since participated in several festivals including Nuits d'Afrique, Edmonton Folk Festival, Vienna Jazz Festival, WOMAD Festival and many more.
He now dedicates himself to his solo career and takes us on a fabulous journey, bringing the traditional music of Mali and his own unique style
to audiences around the world.

Stephanie Pedraza Singer & Dancer


dancer | singer

Stephanie Pedraza is a flamenco singer and dancer as well as a songwriter. In 2003 she moved to Sevilla , Spain to pursue professional training both in singing and dancing at the world reknown Fundacion de Arte Flamenco Cristina Heeren where she studied with some of the most prominent figures in flamenco. Over the past decade, she has performed and taught workshops across Canada and internationally in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala and USA. Some of her performances include Festival de Artes Esenicas del Gran Caribe, in Cartagena, Colombia, Vancouver and Calgary international Flamenco Festivals and Vancouver International Film Festival.

Stephanie Pedraza Singer & Dancer

She is currently collaborating  with Toronto based dancer Carmen Romero on the contemporary flamenco production of "Jacinto" which premiered in Toronto this March earning musical director Benjamin Barile a Dora Awards 2017 nomination for Outstanding Sound Design and Composition. Stephanie Pedraza will be accompanied by flamenco guitarist Marek Wojtaszek, also known as Marekito, and percussionist Davide Sampaolo.


Saturday's theme involved the Africa Roots to Hip-Hop Live/DJ party featuring various performing artists, at the Imperial Vancouver.

Artists include: Ahmed Fofana, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Ezra Kwizera, OHR Collective, Ndidi Cascade & Crew, Kass 1, Josey Radix, The MCI, DJ Diallo, DJ Oga Rossco, DJ Dule, MC Mufaro and many more.


Charanga Habanera

Everyone must see Charanga Habanera, at least once or twice in their lives. Come experience the phenomenal spectacle that Charanga Habanera's  4-people gang presents on stage. What does the Cuban powerhouse deliver? An uncontainable torrent of pelvic movements and tropical exuberance against a background of Afro-Latin-Caribbean rhythms, which is why to many they are the most entertaining Latin music act in the world.
Led by music genius David Calzado, Charanga Habanera have remained among the top 3 most popular bands in Cuba for the past 30 years, receiving numerous acknowledgements ranging from Latin Grammy nominations to pretty much every award the Cuban music industry has to offer. Incomparable in their ability to engage the crowd, the rare combination of stage hotness accompanied by an elite troop of accomplished musicians is what makes this band a smash hit anywhere and everywhere they go. 

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