“AHFOMAD”, African Heritage Festival of Music and Dance, is a festival featuring arts, music and dance, cultural to contemporary, from the African Canadian perspective with performers from the local, national and international arts and culture market from Africa, the Americas and all of the African diaspora. AHFOMAD is a non-profit festival organized by the African Heritage Music and Dance Society (AHMDS), an incorporated not for profit organization in British Columbia, Canada.

Our Mandate is to create a sustainable festival event that will be a platform for BC African Canadian Artists to showcase their creations and have opportunity to develop and grow in a progressive, productive and truly inclusive accessible arts and culture environment.

Our goal is an innovative and unique international caliber festival that will enhance and expand economic activities and cultural tourism in our region. We will achieve this with our programming and marketing formulas designed to tap into the best possible areas in our product pool.

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AHFOMAD Festival and Celebration


Our vision, encompassing the whole spectrum of Music from the African perspective including evolving new ideas and fusions, is the emergence of a truly African Canadian arts and culture heritage within our Canadian cultural mix.

To become the most reliable, innovative and creative African music and dance festival and concerts presenter in the Greater Vancouver area and British Columbia, providing high quality and unique entertainment to audiences by producing sustainable, affordable and consistent cultural music concerts with at least 3 events per year with the festival in August as our flagship.

To strengthen our already established excellent business relationships with each venue facility owner so that the events are affordable and profitable to all parties involved selling 80% to 100% of any venue's capacity per concert or event leading to the festival.


Our mission is, to expand our festival to its intended international caliber African Music and Dance festival and concert series status which is the next logical step in our growth as we fulfil our mandate.


We value excellence, leadership, innovation, accessibility, awareness, knowledge and understanding.
With deepest gratitude,
African Heritage Music and Dance Society


Melanie Joly's message to AHFOMAD